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What We Do

CLIA prioritizes immigrants who are domestic violence victims. CLIA believes that these immigrants are the most vulnerable immigrant group currently in Lincoln, NE, and in greatest need of a program that does not require them to pay legal fees. The abuse that these victims suffer affects not only their own lives but also the lives of their children, who frequently witness the abuse. Most of these victims are not eligible for public assistance, experience a major language barrier, and feel trapped and hopeless. Filling out the requisite legal documents for an immigrant victim of crime is labor intensive and most attorneys could not afford to take the required time (at least 20 hours) to serve them pro bono. CLIA, however, serves all of these victims without charge and they enjoy their own prioritized waiting list to ensure that they are all seen for an initial consultation with trained staff as quickly as possible.

In addition, CLIA provides a wide array of other immigration legal services. We also host several citizenship clinics throughout the state of Nebraska during the year. Please see Services We Provide or contact our office if you think you may qualify for our services.