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Victims of Crime

CLIA's Role

While CLIA assists many clients with a wide variety of immigration needs, our priority is to help immigrants who are victims of crime. Because the U.S. Congress realized that many immigrant victims of crime were afraid to report those crimes to the police, they passed the Violence Against Women Act of 2000 to protect victims and encourage the arrest of perpetrators. By providing legal immigration benefits to qualifying victims, Congress has encouraged the reporting of crimes such as rape, sexual assault, and domestic violence.

CLIA works with local police departments to gather evidence and to verify eligibility, then files the requisite legal documents and evidence with the appropriate Immigration Service.  Many crime victims have received work cards as a result, empowering them to live a safer and more independent life. 

CLIA has been a leader among non-profits in Nebraska in assisting immigrants who are victims of crime.

If you are a victim of a crime or believe that you are a victim of a crime, we are available to answer your questions. 

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