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Who We Are

The demand for quality, affordable legal immigration services in Lincoln and surrounding areas is growing. Immigrants need immigration-related legal services to legally work and attain a social security number and driver's license. Therefore, they are dependent on the legal assistance that CLIA provides in order to live and work in the United States. Our primary goal is to serve, as efficiently and effectively as possible, as many of these immigrants as we can.

CLIA is the only DOJ accredited nonprofit organization in Lincoln that provides a full array of legal immigration services. CLIA serves approximately 900 clients per year representing over 90 countries. Most are low income, and the average client has the equivalent of a sixth-grade education, struggles with English, and simply wants the opportunity to be authorized to work and eventually become a United States Citizen. CLIA assists clients ranging from Yazidis petitioning for their relatives who are fleeing from ISIS in Northern Iraq, to Nebraskan domestic violence victims filing the necessary immigration forms to obtain work authorization regardless of income, to unaccompanied minors who have to be represented by an attorney in state court proceedings.

CLIA's minimal legal fees are based on a sliding scale and all domestic violence victims are served at no legal cost. About 75% of all clients in the past year did not pay a legal fee.