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Center for Legal Immigration Assistance (CLIA) is a nonprofit organization located in Lincoln, Nebraska which exists to provide quality affordable legal services to immigrants and refugees in Nebraska. CLIA is managed by a board of directors and had previously operated under the name "Equity-in-Nebraska". Since opening their doors in 2001, CLIA has helped over 3,000 immigrants and refugees comply with federal immigration laws at little or no cost depending on their income level.

Victims of domestic violence are considered a high priority at CLIA because they are one of the most vulnerable groups in Nebraska. The professionals at CLIA work closely with local crisis centers and police departments. In 2010, CLIA has helped over 150 victims of domestic violence self-petition for legal protected status and embark on a life of self-sufficiency.

CLIA's supervising attorney is Kevin Ruser, a law professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Mission: To provide quality, affordable immigration related legal services to immigrants and refugees in Nebraska.

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