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Helping Nebraskans achieve their American dream

Our Impact

At the Center for Legal Immigration Assistance (CLIA) We’ve worked on improving the lives of over 10,000 immigrants through direct legal services.

Immigrants are integral, important, and necessary members of our society. When you invest in an immigrant’s future, you benefit all Americans. Our clients pay taxes, obtain an education to fulfill their passions and dreams, and support their communities by giving back to society.

What we do

We help immigrants and refugees achieve their American dream by providing high-quality and affordable legal services directly.


We fight and advocate for our clients and immigrants in Nebraska and nationally. 


We care for our clients and the immigrant community. We have no bottom line being a nonprofit. 


We run small to large scale webinars and trainings on immigrant rights, immigration 101, and employer sessions.


We have been working for over 20 years servicing thousands of clients with their immigration needs.

Our numbers speak volumes

We may be a small nonprofit organization but our numbers speak for themselves. We are happy to be growing and helping more people every day.

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I had to flee Myanmar after the countries military began attacking ethnic minorities in my community. Half of my community was murdered and burned down. I had to flee to Thailand. After two years, we were finally allowed to come to the United States. With the help of CLIA I was able to get my green card.
Gawa (Refugee)
When Isis took over Iraq in 2014 they targeted my village and sold me into slavery, forced me to convert from Christianity, and marry an ISIS soilder. I was beaten daily until a NGO paid for my freedom. I was able to go to CLIA where they provided pro bono services for my asylum. I was approved and now I feel free.
Nahla (Asylum)
I had to flea Afghanistan when the Taliban took over in 2021 after helping the US military for over two decades with interpreting. My family and I received that threats, but I am thankful to the US military for getting us to the United States and I am grateful for CLIA in helping us with the legal part.
Abdul (SIV)
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