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Nebraska Nonprofit Serving Immigrants & Refugees Since 2001

Our Mission: Helping Immigrants achieve their American Dream by providing affordable and quality legal assistance

Simplifying the Law

We know that legal action can sometimes be overwhelming. We are dedicated to providing help in a language that everyone understands.

Fighting for Immigrants

Our lawyers and accredited representatives search for all legal options in order to help our clients and their loved ones achieve legal status.

Focusing on Results

Through our understanding of the law and the clients' understanding of their circumstances, we craft a path to success.

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We are driven by our values

  • Advocacy

  • Education

  • Expertise

I was given an appointment and I told them my story. They said they would represent me in court pro-bono and would help me with my immigration process every step of the way. With CLIA's hard work and determination, I was approved for a green card and now I am able to legally work and live in the United States
Asylee Human Trafficking Survivor
Because of CLIA, I was able to get back on my feet. Living with my abuser and enduring the pain both mentally and physically for almost a year, I had slowly lost myself. I am now able to slowly heal and find my confidence again.
U-Visa Domestic Violence Survivor
I am grateful to the United States for giving me asylum and saving me from being killed. I am grateful to CLIA for helping me present my case in court. I could not have done it without them. Now I am free to go to school without being harassed and am able to pursue my goals without fear.
Esperanza (Hope)
Asylee Fleeing Gang Violence

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