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Based in Lincoln, Nebraska, CLIA is a 501 (C) 3-certified nonprofit and is accredited through the Department of Justice. We have an experienced staff of attorneys and DOJ accredited representatives available to help.

Client Stories

Nahla (Asylum)
Suffered atrocities and overcame adversity

Nahla is a young Christian woman from Iraq. She lived with her family in a small village near Mosul, Iraq. When ISIS took over Iraq in 2014, they targeted her village and destroyed her entire life. She was sold into slavery for ISIS where she was forced to convert and marry an ISIS soldier.  She went through so much trauma at the hands of ISIS.  She was in captivity for several years, but it felt longer.  She was eventually freed and came to the United States on a visitor visa.  She came to CLIA to help file for asylum.  CLIA was able to help her pro bono since she did not have the ability to work in the United States yet.  With your help, we can help more people like Nahla.  

Abdul (SIV)
Helped the US Army in their time of need

Abdul helped the U.S Military for over 10 years. He rode along thousands of miles helping the military talk to local villages despite the constant threat to him and his family. He felt that the United States could help him and his family when it finally came time for it. Abdul received dozens of recommendation letters from different military officials. He and his wife were brought to the U.S. a year ago. We are now working on bringing his parents who have received death threats from the Taliban.  Our office is helping him and his family pro-bono. With your help, we can help many more people.

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